Exhibition at UK Supreme Court

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'Magna Carta: Reflections'

From October 2nd to December 18th 2015 the UK Supreme Court hosted an exhibition of my photographic portraiture, as part of international commemorations to mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Great Charter.

The exhibition comprised portraits of twelve sitters (the number chosen to mirror the size of a Jury) drawn from across the legal profession, who each offer an insight into the enduring relevance of Magna Carta in their working lives through a personal statement of around 300 words which was presented alongside each individual portrait.

The exhibition offered a glimpse of how the fundamental principles associated with Magna Carta influence those working in the law, from former Attorney Generals to high street solicitors.

The printed catalogue comprising reproductions of all the 12 portraits and the Sitters’ associated contemplations, together with a Foreword by Lord Neuberger, at that time President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, is available for purchase by request.
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